Sunday, April 26, 2015


I think the Portland Saturday Market (and ComicCon) has transformed my art. I have been working on more fanimals and I just can't stop. I do have some ideas for some 6x18 vintage machines I HAVE TO DO, but for now I am having fun with these. They have proved very popular so far at the market too.

The originals characters  are 8x10's. Then I either make a background and group them with their friends in Photoshop or sell them as individuals at 5x7's.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Dramatic Portraits in Colored Pencil
an ebook by Nicole Caulfield

I've written an ebook that describes the process that I use to create my portraits in colored pencil on Fisher 400 paper. I am sharing this with you free of charge. Just click the link to the left to open the .pdf file. A little warning it is unedited so you will have to bear with any typos or weird wording. :-) I also did not quite finish the very end... the images are there on the steps but not the words. I think I will get that done someday. I hope the book proves helpful! 


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Moving Sale!!

I am putting up for sale 3 drawings that no longer fit into my business design. I am only selling at the Portland Saturday Market now which means a limited 8x8' booth space. I have it figured out that smaller pieces sell the best with a few large scale eye catchers.

 So.... long story short I am selling some pieces for super cheap prices since I am moving house soon and will have limited storage space at my new house!

The items up for sale are $100 each SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED. I am thinking $20 for shipping if you want the frame would cover it and $15 unframed if you want me to ditch the frame.

This image is a favorite of mine! I would actually keep it for myself if I had a spot to hang it! People have almost bought this guy so many times! The colors are mellow. It was one of the first pieces I did on Pastelbord and I was still finding a technique with it so the colors are a bit different than my newer pieces. It also was featured on the COVER of Ann Kullberg's magazine!
The frame was handmade by one of my students and works perfectly with it but has a few scratches from storage/toting it around. I think a little varnish would make them go away. The size is 12" x 19".  $100 - leave me a message or email me if you want it.

This one is a bit country-kitsch. Again it has ALMOST been sold so many times but the price was a barrier. It is 12x16" - the frame is knicked to heck so you may want me to ditch this frame since it is standard. There are a couple of chips on the piece from the frame rubbing when I bring it to shows, which I will touch up, but they will be covered by the frame.

This is a new one I did just over the summer! It is 16x20. I made it to go with the curtains in my booth but I realized quickly that the curtains scared customers away with their bold pattern! This one is a STEAL at $100!!!!! Customers in my booth love it - but  I would like to keep the space for smaller drawings that sell better! The frame is in good shape.

This guy is from my kitsch collection. Love him - he's so weird! It is 8x10 and I will sell him for a super cheap $50 unframed. He is on Fisher 400 paper that has been mounted to Gatorboard and varnished. The edge where the frame was has left it's impression on the right side but that will be covered up by a frame when you frame it.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Portland Saturday Market Open for the Season!

The Portland Saturday Market is open for the season! Come see me this year at the Market. I will try to be here as many Saturdays as I can and will post on my website if I am going. I am a "fill in vendor" so my spot will change each week. To find me just stop at the information booth and ask where "Art Squared" is for the day.

I have some changes in my booth this year. Some new pieces and some originals priced at $100! Hope to see you there!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Some Elementary Art Lessons

These are some of my beginning of the year art lessons. If anyone wants a full lesson plan email me and I will share the google doc with you. 

3rd Grade Rainbow Zebras

2nd Grade Scream with watercolor and model magic

3rd grade watercolor pencil atmospheric perspective landscapes

1st Grade Matisse Goldfish

Kindergarten Monet Waterlilies

2nd Grade Matisse Goldfish again

In progress Picasso head collages

Pizza Box Hearts inspired by Jim Dine