Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Art in the Park 2008, Roses and Lemons, and more Studio Pics

Roses & Lemons
11" x 14

This weekend was the 2 day Art in the Park art fair. I love this fair because it gives me a chance to see so many artists, friends and neighbors over the 2 day weekend. My piece Katie at the beach won an honorable mention.

& now pics of the new studio. Just realize it is not organized or spruced up yet. I need curtains, a broom, etc etc. These show just my side of the studio, my husband inhabits the other half. The other thing they don't show is the fabulous tall ceilings in the space. The building was built in the early half of the 19th century, so naturally everything is a bit wonky, but we are getting used to it. I can however roll accidentally out the door in my roller desk chair if I'm not careful. I've only done that once so far.


Unknown said...

Your work looks great hanging up there, Nicole. Good luck in your new studio- I love all your hot pink accessories......is your husband an artist, too? And, be careful about rolling, I have lots of experiences I can tell you about!

Unknown said...

OMYGOSH Deborah you are too funny!

Those accents are all red actually - I am such a fan of red.

My husband is not an artist - he is telecommutiong most days and was nice enough to allow me to share his office space - with me paying part of the rent of course!