Friday, May 17, 2013

60s/70s Kitchen 

If you missed my post about my family's big move, we just moved form New Hampshire to Washington state. Camas, Washington to be exact, which is in the greater Portland, Oregon area. I'm excited to see what opportunities for my art this new place brings.  

So far I have learned these things in my short time here:
  • The people here have to be the friendliest in the world
  • slugs are disgusting and like to eat basil
  • If you stop at a 4-way stop everyone just sits, even if it is their right of way

1 comment:

Casey Klahn said...

I missed that you moved coasts! Have you met my friend Katherine van Schoonhoven, who lives in Battleground? Also, I have a few friends in Portland.

Anyway - welcome to the Evergreen State, and happy you made it okay.