Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Cans 2 Post 3

This is the absolute slowest I have ever been. I can usually finish a 6 x 18" in one long day but here I am at day 3 and not even half way finished.
The reason why is I can't sit or stand in one place too long. I seemed to have overdone it while jogging and my hips are so sore. Not my knees like most normal people, but my hips. Nothing seems to help it, even rest. I'm sure it will get better, but for now its hard to concentrate while drawing. If I sit they really start to hurt. I found that kneeling helps, but then I have to take breaks when my feet fall asleep and standing in one spot is just as bad as sitting.

So this piece is taking forever. My productivity relies on drawing for long stretches at once usually 12 hours in a day and I have only been aboe to get in 1 maybe 2.

It is also looking a bit different than usual. I just can't get myslef to lay the pencil down as evenly as I usually do and I am not finding the patience to go back and tidy up the pencil strokes. SO I just decided ot give up on the clean look and go for a bit of edge. Or as Simon said on American Idol last night a bit of "grit." Which is perfect I figure for these cans anyway. Why would I want a completely clean technique for dirty crushed cans anyway, they deserve a bit of "grit" as did the songs on American Idol last night - so many were sung perfectly but lacked the edge/grit that they so needed to be pulled off.


Abby Creek Art said...

Nicole...this is so cool. It's realism with a very interesting abstract quality to it. I always love what you do!

Ranjini Venkatachari said...

Hey nicole! I have been wondering what's taking you so long?? I hope you get back to your speed again. Have you tried yoga? It helps a lot esp for ppl like us, who spen most of the time sitting and standing. There is a book that my friend recommended to me , its called - yoga,youth & reincarnation by Jeff Stearn. Try giving it a read if u have time.

Nicole Caulfield said...

Thanks Linda! That's what I was hoping for!

Hey Ranjini! Slow huh? Thanks for the info! I love jogging I just have to remember my limits. :-(