Friday, March 23, 2007

Cans 2 WIP finished - well, pretty much

So here's where I'm at. I always sit with them for a little while to see if I need to adjust any values or spread some color around. I think for instance I need a bit more of that pink somewhere to tie it together.

I named the first one "Canned" but I'm not sure what to name this one yet. Maybe "Tight Situation." Hey I just realized one of the cans in the other one is the same can in this new one but going down instead of acroos. See if you can see which can was repeated!

I've always loved doing metallic surfaces so this was therapy. I enjoyed the can tops so much I've decided to use the can theme again soon in a much bigger representation. The city of Keene New Hampshire and the business owners on Main Street are having an Art Walk in downtown Keene. Artists display their artwork in the Main Street shop windows the first week in June and people parade through looking at the artwork. I've been summoned to do some sidewalk art for Artworks, the art school I teach at, during the event. I've decided to do some sort of squished can. Not a load of squished cans like this, but a lone LARGE squished can on the sidewalk.

My friend Katherine Tyrrell made the joke that it was like depicting litter right on the sidewalk, which I like! I wouldn't be the first artist to do that! I was just reading the book "Still Life A History" by Sybille Ebert-Schifferer where in the very first chapter they talk about a Roman mosaicist, Oikos Asarotos (Soss of Pergamon), who was known for depicting food scraps and other trash on the floor of wealthy homes in the second century CE. According to the book and Pliny "sweeping up the remains of a meal was bad luck."


Ranjini venkatachari said...

That's the green one that's repeated isnt it?

Get well soon! This turned out so good:)

Kate said...

You are a whiz with metallic surfaces ... incredible!

Nicole Caulfield said...

Thanks Ranjini! I'm feeling better now!

Thanks Kate!

Anonymous said...

I've seen quite a few artists make trash into art - but this is the best yet! Excellent job.

E-J said...

Your work is stunning!