Wednesday, March 28, 2007

More info on Framing Without Glass

Thanks so much for the nice comments on my miniature Waterhouse's. I have to do one more of my other daughter as the guilt it setting in. :)

Sherry Ellis just sent me a great link to a demo for mounting paper pieces on Ampersand board. Check it out!

Also I wrote to the amazing colored pencil artist Alyona Nickelsen on how she mounts her pieces on stonehenge paper to boar. She graciously replied:

You can mount it on any archival surface. You can purchase gesso boards,
but they are more expensive. I prefer Masonite board. It is not archival, but so
far it is the cheapest. So the best shot is to purchase a large sheet of
Masonite board in a builders supply and prime it yourself. First you have to
lightly sand the board and cover it with a couple of layers of gesso. I use
Golden gesso just because I have it already. To mount the artwork on the board
you can use various adhesives, such as Grafix Double Tack Mounting (expensive),
paste “Yes!”, Golden Heavy Gel Medium, Lineco Neutral PH Adhesive or Polyvinyl
Alcohol Adhesive. The last step and the longest is to cover your artwork with a
few layers of varnish over a few layers of Prismacolor Final fixative. I use
Golden Archival Glossy Varnish in aerosol. You have to let it dry after each

You can frame it with no glass, but it will not protect the
artwork from scratches.

Alyona has recently had colored pencil demonstrations featured in Artist's
Magazine and American Artist recently and her official webpage is

getting ready for a show that I'll tell you all about this week and soon will
get to work on a new piece again.

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