Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Trashcan Art: Abstract Work In Progress

I went to the dump last week and took loads of photos. The metal pile proved to be the most promising but since they have a policy of not allowing people to pick from the metal pile I had to deal with getting questioned from one of the men working there. I don't think he quite understood why I was taking photos of the trash.

Anyway here's one of the pics I took - I love the bright blue sky above the big pile! I wanted to do a more abstract piece so I looked through a bunch of photos like that looking for recurring shapes and an interesting color scheme. I could have composed it at the dump but I felt funny since I was being watched, so I decided to take loads of photos of everything on my highest resolution and look for an interesting abstract composition afterwards from the much better smelling comfort of my home and computer desk.

OK so there's the reference I'll be using. I like it just as is so it will be tough to improve on it with colored pencil, but we'll see!

So what's in your trashcan?


Laura said...

Hi Nicole, new posting to your blog as I recently discovered your wonderful work! The pieces you produce are absolutely stunning - I love how you capture the beauty of everyday things. I've only been working in CP's (and drawing for that matter) for a few months and feel like I have a looong way to go but that's the journey isn't it?! Thanks for sharing, your work is very inspiring.

Nicole Caulfield said...

Thanks so much Laura! Just have fun with it and try different papers to see what works well for you.