Thursday, May 3, 2007

Illusion in Yellow and Blue finished

Thanks for the comments on the photography post. I just wrote a few things I have learned since I've been trying to make my own reference photographs. Its one of those things where you try something and it works so you add it to your usual way of doing things. I'm sure there are more professional and tidy ways of doing things if you have a dedicated space for setting up still-lifes to photograph, but this way works very well for me. I do always have to fix things here or there or omit things I can't get out of the way like the shelf in the background on the photo of the pitcher, but the lighting and colors work which is the most important thing in my opinion for reference photographs. By the way the light bulbs that I used in my pole lamp are simple GE Reveal light bulbs I picked up at Home Depot which are supposed to be closer to natural light than regular light bulbs but are not expensive like OTT type bulbs.

So here is my finished hanging apple piece which I'm naming "Illusion in Yellow and Blue" which was influenced by the titles that Whistler used such as "Arrangement in Black and Grey." As I said before this piece was made for a show I am in with my friends from Fine Line Artists. Gordon Leverton is hosting a show of our works at the Jitterbug Cafe & Roasting Co. Waterdown, Ontario, Canada in the month of June. We are doing a theme of Portals: or windows and doors if you will. Of course it is any interpretation of this theme. I so enjoy doing these hanging fruits. They turn out very decorative with the bold colors as well as surreal. They also are a very good study - as yellow fruits I always find difficult. I need to send two pieces in to this show so if I have enough time I'm going to make a matching piece that I can further practice doing yellow fruit on... I'm thinking a banana... I've always wanted to draw a banana so why not a hanging one?!


Ranjini vc said...

That looks very beautiful and elegant!.
Can't wait to see what you compose with ur banana!

Anonymous said...

can't wait to hold this in my hands, nicole!


Kate said...

I'd love to see a hanging banana ... the apple is wonderful.

Nicole Caulfield said...

Hanging banana here I come!

Gord I'll send these off to you soon!