Monday, June 25, 2007

Are you ready for digital entries?

The art world is changing! It is getting switched over to digital and not with a slow transition but all of a sudden show entries are switching completely over to digital from slides. I have to say as everything is getting changed over to digital entries I'm not liking the transition! I'm used to dropping off my artwork at the photographers and getting back beautiful, correct images that he has diligently taped off with metallic tape to get the perfect crop.

I just got an entry together for a show that requires digital entry but doesn't give any guidelines as to how big etc the file should be except for "good enough quality for printing purposes." Well that could mean a lot of things!Then there's the image. Even with a professional taking the digital photos for me, the colors are just off. The pieces I had photographed have a lot of red in them which seems to be the hardest to photograph correctly with a digital camera. So I have to correct it in photoshop and make a new cd with the image on it. Of course my cd burner is broken so I have to email the huge image to myself, retrieve my email on my husband's computer and burn the cd on his laptop.

In the end I wish I could just use the old system which makes me wonder how people that aren't used to computers/graphics programs are doing with this drastic change?My friend Gordon Leverton gave me this link on digital entries that I think is helpful - or just a good read.


Casey Klahn said...

I'm wit' ya', sistah!
The whole world of cameras for me is a big aaargghhh. I like to joke that i don't know which end of the camera the bullet comes out.
Thankfully, my frau is a decent photographer who can get a pretty good image for me when I need one.
I set up a good tripod and a vertical stand and the two tungston lights permanently in the basement. All she needs to do is to take the (new) Nikon D80 down there and shoot.
Her instructor for shooting art said not to bracket, but I learned that we really had to. With digital that's not hard, I guess.
Then, I face the overwhelming issues of working with Photoshop (which almost never comes out for me), cataloging images, getting them out on deadline, etc.
I wonder if getting the newest, or the more expensive Photoshop programs would help me, or drive me crazy?
Anyone know of a good online class on Photoshop - for extreme dummies?
thanks for the platform, Nicole.

Nicole Caulfield said...


I'm happy that someone else feels the same way! I'm sure some of the kinks will work themselves out - but right nowits still a pain!