Saturday, June 16, 2007


What a great day today. Its super nice outside and have already gone for a walk through our downtown, which has had so much traffic blocked off because of the construction of a traffic circle, that it is such a peaceful place to walk now as most of the cars are gone for the summer.

The best thing, though, was when I got home a big box from the Pampered Chef was waiting for me by my door! I thought my mom must have went to a Pampered Chef party - but no - it was from someone who was on the cruise with me in Alaska - my new friend Fannie. :D She sent me aspinny carousel, that is usually used for utensils, to put my colored pencils in! She must have felt sorry for my with my system of ziploc bags which held my pencils. Can you tell I'm excited? Well I've already put it to use and emptied out that ziploc bag! They call it a "Tool Turn-About" at the Pampered Chef if you want to get one.
Woo-hoo! OK I'm just starting to work on the red shoes larger. I'm going 11 x 14" with them. & I'm using my new carousel too!

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