Saturday, September 8, 2007

Apple Twist

Its apple season here!

I'll go pick just about anything (those of you with kids stop laughing). I don't know if its because I grew up in the concrete jungle of the Chicago suburbs, but the absolute best thing about living in New Hampshire (besides the snow) are the small farms where you can pick loads of berries in the summer and apples, apples, apples in the fall. Its not those really sweet ones with no flavor you get at the grocery store - no - they're always just a bit tart and they come in every color and pattern you can think of.

So before I sound any more like a travel magazine, I'll post my new piece which of course has a couple of apples in it.
Apple Twist
6" x 18"
contact the Sharon Art Center Gallery in Peterborough, NH to purchase


Belinda Lindhardt said...

This is just beautiful Nicole i love the colours and the way you have done the shadows on the top !!

Nicole Caulfield said...

Thanks Belinda!!

siti nuriati said...

Hi Nicole,

I really love your work. They are really beautiful. The colors and brilliant. I'm always looking forward to seeing your new work!


Nicole Caulfield said...

Thanks for stopping by Siti!