Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Picture Frames Catastrophe

At a certain point in your career you have to ask yourself whether you want to spend your time and money creating art or framing it. I chose the former several months ago, streamlining my framing process by choosing only one frame, buying in bulk and choosing a glassless presentation.

The results were extraordinary. Not only is my post-production work literally a 5 minute procedure:

  1. Grab standard black frame
  2. Drop board in

  3. shoot tabs in.

And done -- on to the next painting (we'll just forget about papering the back and wire and fasteners for now) but streamlining the framing led to streamlining the supplies I need for creating my art as well which will cut down on costs and further add to profits.

It was a dream come true. The frames were simple, cheap, and with enough width to compensate for the lack of a matte.

& then the predictable happens. I just recently placed my 3rd bulk order that I of course needed right away to replace pieces sold. The transaction at for my favorite frame went smooth & then I waited and waited for my frames to come. They didn't of course so I gave them a call to find out the frames were backordered until NOVEMBER and they hadn't bothered to let me know. I wouldn't be too upset except I need frames... and that means ordering some other frame and already by the 3rd order messing with my new streamlined operation.

Of course I know better to rely on the availability of one product and my second favorite frame will just have to do. Now they just better not stop making Pastelbord!


noreen said...

Great idea for saving time & profits!

visioneerwindows said...

I quite agree with this limited sizing.... usually, there is within the artist an automatic, if you will, assessment of what is wanted within the work, and it oft corresponds to the usual sizes worked in, thus keeping to those few tend to produce appropriate works... so it goes hand in hand there, as well as allowing buying in bulk as you've done [of course, too, one shouldn't bulk with just one dealer, as you found out....]

Nicole Caulfield said...

I just wish I could find the same frame elsewhere! That site has been very helpful so its such a shame I've had this problem!