Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bagged Lunch

Bagged Lunch 8" x 10"

Some of you may know my obsession with drawing paper and paper bags. This is a new simple take on the subject I've done quite a few times. I usually focus in on all the folds and wrinkles on the bag, but this time I simplified those details and tried to lose more edges that usual; still keeping the crispness at the fold on the top right part of the bag. It was fun, but I miss the light hitting the crumples.

It is FINALLY feeling like fall here in New Hampshire. This has been a really strange October with so many dry days in the high 80's. I really need my fall fix before it gets really cold. Plus if it goes right from 88 to 32, how will I remember to get the snow blower fixed before the first snow? I can't go another winter hand shoveling like last year! Well it does feel like fall, so I better get that snow blower in. Here's the view from my bedroom of a gloriously cool, wet fall New Hampshire day. Now don't go telling on me for inviting you all in my bedroom!


Ranjini Vc said...

Love ur paper bags! and the warm tone of the paintin!.

Now that's quite a view, fit for a painting :)

Marion said...

I love this picture... well, I love all of your pictures that I have seen. I realy like the softness of the background.

Deborah Ross said...

This reminds me of walking to school, kicking the leaves, and holding hands with my little sister. I love the warmth.

Katherine said...

You should do the view from your window as the leaves turn!

This is a lovely simple piece - how about light on crumples and soft edges next time?

I was looking at all the Dutch still life paintings in the National Gallery on Wednesday and thinking "so that's why Nicole goes for the plain wide black frame!" ;)