Friday, October 5, 2007

Chinese Lanterns
11" x 14"

These are chinese lanterns. The flower shop in downtown Keene had loads of them hanging on a horizontal pole out on Main Street which gave such an eerie feel. They are dried and papery and inside of some you can see the fruit berry - unfortunately you can't see them from the angle I am showing.
I hope to use these again in another still-life - since they are dried, they should last if noone in the house crumples them!


Rita said...

Nicole, this is a wonderful piece, the soft colours and lighting are really appealing!
I can remember picking these with my Grandma at her cottage and thinking that they were one of the oddest looking flowers I had ever seen. Thanks for that little trip down memory lane. :)

Was this piece done on pastel board?

Nicole Caulfield said...

Thanks Rita! Yep its on Pastelbord.

I actually had to ask what they were at the florist! They are so interesting!