Monday, October 15, 2007

Hydrangeas 11x 14"

OK finished! Whew! It took 3 times the amount of time as I usually spend. Plus I had a bit of a bug this week and then had a wonderful weekend with my husband while the kids stayed at their grandparents house.

I stopped by t the Amherst Library in Amherst, NH to see the space for my show there next month. As soon as you walk into the library there is space to hang a large wide piece, so I've decided to spend the rest of the time I have working on a wide drawing. I have a bunch of 12 x 36" boards, so I will be using one of them. Basically it is the same format as my 6" x 18" pieces but SUPERSIZED! :D

Here's what my living room looked like while I was setting up and photographing the composition for that wide piece. I'm still cleaning it up!


Marion said...

The hydrangeas look fantastic. And whoever heard of a tidy artist!!!

Nicole Caulfield said...

Thanks Marion! I wouldn't mind not being tidy... but I had to clean it all up before dinnertime as the edge of my kitchen!

su said...

I love your Lion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! will you ever put him in a still life?? wow. what a gigantic 'canvas' for pencils!!! You amaze me, woman!!