Sunday, January 20, 2008

More Experimenting

As with the last piece, the portrait of Obama, this drawing is done on white pastelbord with a watercolor pencil underpainting and then a build up of dry colored pencil on top. I actually took photos of the steps and deleted them by accident, so sorry about that!

This piece is successful in some ways and not in others. I should have left that vase all the way to the right out to create a less balanced, or I should say a more as symmetrically balanced, composition. I've named it "Regular Intervals" because it was just a simple experiment to line the objects to feel like they were equidistant apart.
The technique though I think was successful. I wish you could see what it looks like better. Not only is this a poor photo (with a portion out of focus) but you just can't appreciate the subtle textures as in real life. Usually I work with just a dry application on the Pastelbord, and keep the sand paper like even texture all over the piece. This new technique (for me) has a more "painterly feel" where you can see brush strokes, and just a bit more depth in the pencil itself. Also, since it is on white board instead of colored, I can reach a better range of values. The drawings on colored board always has the lightest lights knocked back by the influence of the board color. I think I'll throw in a few of these now and again. I'd love to know what you think of the new technique!

So I noticed quite a few of you mentioned liking the vertical still-lifes I've done. I'll try to make more of those. I find those compositions so challenging that I get tuckered out after doing one!

One nice bit of info I just found out - you can get podcasts from all the major art museums for free and download them super easily in the Ipod store. So glad I found this out - now I'll have something to listen to while I draw besides Harry Potter over and over!

Thanks for looking and if you read all of that, reading too!


Deborah Ross said...

Nicole, as usual I like the softness of this piece. I've been using white pastelbord for a while with a layer of neocolors and then pencils on top. I love the neocolors! I think, as you said, that the white board allows a brilliance of color that can't be achieved on the colored board. You inspire me...check out my blog at

Liz P said...

Nicole, this has such a beautiful serenity about it. I do wish I could see it in person! I've been thinking about trying a toned layer on the pastelbord that would leave only selected parts white before continuing with colored pencil... and here you are again, with inspiration and direction! Thank you!

Are you able to use the same method of sealing/varnishing with the addition of a water based medium to your process?