Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Update electric blue

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OK here's where I'm at. I ordered a bunch of electric blue coloursoft pencils yesterday. I have almost gone through the 2 that I had.

I also had a problem with rubbing off pencil. On the left and especially on the bottom. So I had to use some fixative on the left side. Where my arm was resting under the green pear (and rubbed off the reflections I made) will have to be redone.


Rita said...

Wow Nicole, this! :D

Very interesting idea and so far it looks great, and it's not even done yet so I'm eager to see how you finish this off.

Do you think you'll do more values in the background?

Bob Ebdon said...

Great composition Nicole, and I love the classical yet modern feel you are getting.

Nicole Caulfield said...

Rita I like your new avatar! I'm not sure yet on how I'll alter the values in the blue. I think I'll put it all in and evaluate it to see. In the actual set up both sides get darker like on the left side - I was thinking about making it lighter on the right and darker on the left. But maybe not! If you have a preference - let me know!

Thanks Bob!!!! I was going for something that would hang in John Steed's (from the Avengers) flat.

Jennifer Rose said...

This looks lovely! Love the colour contrast between the pears and the blue background.

Beth said...

Nicole, I believe this one will be my new favorite! I love that blue with the white. (I'm rather partial to blue) I can't wait until the next update. Are you waiting on pencils?

Nicole Caulfield said...

Thanks Jennifer!

THX Beth! You are right - I have run out of electric blue which I am using for my base blue color. I just checked the tracking on my pencils and they have made it as far as Syracuse so it shouldn't be much longer!

Michael Finley said...

Seems to me you are having to much fun.

I like in this photo the blue on the far right looks like it is running down the board and bottom right looks like a puddle of darker blue.

Kinda like the blue is migrating to the right.

Cindy said...

I sort of like it unfinished like this. There was a portrait at the CPSA Exhibit last summer that was should be in the new To The Point. It was really unique and drew lots of attention.

By now, however, you probably have this finished, sprayed and framed!

Michael Finley said...

A Compare and Contrast

The paper and red shoe- A not so still still life.
More Experimenting-A stiller still life
Grapes on a Crate- Still a still life with still much life still.
Electric Blue-A still life out of da blue. Still coming to life.

Nicole Caulfield said...

Michael - it was a migration to the right!

Cindy I got my to the point out and found it. It is such an interesting portrait. Thanks for mentioning it!