Thursday, March 6, 2008

Room WIth A View Updated.

Here's an update on that last image I posted. I had posted it last time at my "stand back and look at me" stage. I usually plow through and render everything, trying to keep the big picture in mind, but you can't really do it properly until you get everything in. Once you do, you can look at the whole picture and make adjustments.

So this is what I changed:
  • I went through and tried to make my hard edges more selective.

  • I had a lot of hard edges and got rid of a lot on the left sideI added some color and highlights on the cup.

  • Darkened the darks on the spoons (although it doesn't seem to be showing that well in the photo - when I tried to adjust the background went too dark)

  • added some details on the tea tagsand I fixed up the lines on the bottom drawer that is sticking out.
DISCLAIMER: ;-) Any crooked lines now I will chalk up to not getting my photo straight on!


denise said...

Nicole, so glad to see you still posting after all the brew-ha-ha over the past few days. I would be so sad if all my fav cp artists stopped posting their work. It is great fun and inspiring to watch others and we can all learn from each other....

This piece is really awesome. Such a unique still life, too. Thanks for sharing

Rita said...

Love, love, love the composition of this one and the colours you've got in this piece are wonderful too Nicole! This has to be one of my favourites of yours so far.

Thanks so much for sharing this WIP, it's a treat to see how you work.

Jael Bendt said...

I love the transition of color in the background.....seems like such a hard thing to accomplish, the gradient-like color.

greatly done, Nicole! :D many times have I already commented on this image in like three different sites? lolol

Nicole Caulfield said...

Thanks Denise!! I never intended on goign anywhere! :-)

Thanks Rita!!

Jael thanks! The gradient I find actually fun to do. Its easy to practice and get better at too. Keep some paper by the phone and then when you are talking on it, shade, shade shade. What I tend to do, since I work on a midtoned board, is to put down some light color and fade it out to one side, then put down your dark color from the opther direction and fade it out overlapping the faded out light color. Then take a mid color and try to use it to blend the two colors together.