Wednesday, April 16, 2008


My studio is finished! I still have to do a little touch up paint and get a replacement window, but I was able to set back up again in a nice clean new space. I'll have photos for you soon.

Today I decided to erase the poofy sleeve on the princess portrait because it doesn't read well and makes a strange negative space shape between it and the wand. I thought I would try and make a little video on erasing colored pencil on sanded paper, thinking if it was terrible I wouldn't show it to anyone, but what happened was pretty funny so I had to show you all.

Let me know if this works as its my first video uplaod and its a large file. Watch the WHOLE thing because the funny part is the end.


Anonymous said...

Oh, that`s so sweet !!! This is a portrait of an outstanding beauty,certainly, the best I`ve ever seen. I am kind of sad, although,that you decided to take off pink :-) (as i could see,my opinion is the same as your daughters... :-D )

Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ said...

Thanks for sharing. That really made me smile! It reminds me so much of my girls. (They can be pretty opinionated about my work too, lol.)
The portrait is truly breathtaking. I love it. :)

Belinda Lindhardt said...

This was fantastic Nicole, i really enjoyed this and has brought a smile to my face :)

Cant wait to see more of these :)

Liz P said...

Thank you Nicole, for sharing another helpful tip, and providing some great entertainment as well! You were SO upstaged by the princess! The portrait is lovely... with or without the puffy sleeve. :~)

Deborah Ross said...

That was so cute! I guess you'll have to amend that portrait after bedtime. Thanks for sharing the tape tip.

Jen said...

Ah, some creative differences I see. Just don't ever ask her what picture she'd like on her birthday card! I lost all creative control over that one!
Your work is just stunning!

Michael Finley said...

Good Effort!

I like how the video and your WIP have an experimental flavor. “I am going to try …” rather than “Now I am going to show you …”

Might just be me. “I do not have a problem with authority, those in authority often seem to have a problem with me”

Bob Ebdon said...

Too funny Nicole, thanks for sharing! Geeesh - everyones a critic!

BTW - Mom is right about the sleeve!

Maureen said...

Hilarious, Nicole. I'm glad I watched the whole thing heh! Made me think of some of the master painters who painted portraits of wealthy patrons and/or royalty -- having to please the patron by maybe fudging a little here and there (downsizing a huge nose, making a short king taller, livening up a dour expression... ) I wonder what they really thought about that fact of life-as-a-commissioned artist? I'm sure none of the old masters had quite the playful relationship with their patrons that you do with your daughter. You're already encouraging her to have her own thoughts and expressions. Yay!

Katherine Tyrrell said...

It's a great portrait and a great video.

I giggled the first, second and third time of watching - and you are now the subject of my blog post today!

Thanks to Lizzie for making her own unique contribution.

Jo Castillo said...

A beautiful portrait and a cute learning video. :)