Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'm busy working out the composition on a new box piece, but I thought I would mention again my show at the Monadnock Fine Art Gallery in Keene, NH. You can see all the images, which includes that last piece "Pansies, Oranges, and Chrome," at their website. I usually have about ten pieces displayed at this gallery at a time, but right now I have a full wall with, I believe, 23 pieces.
If you are interested in a piece, please give them a call. They are fully able to ship you the painting. I know that is a bit scary, only seeing a .jpg of an image, but if you get it and its not what you expected, you can always send it back.
So take a look on their site at all the pieces in the show.
If you would like a better .jpg of the image that what they have, email me and I can send a better one.

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Jo Castillo said...

Your pieces for the show are so lovely. Congratulations and good luck on the show