Monday, July 7, 2008

Classic POrtrait Update 2

I worked on the hair a bit today after the kids swim lessons. I was going to make the hair the focal point, but decided you just can't help but focus on the face, so I lost some of the hard edges in the hair by smuding a bit.

A question for you all... if you could take a workshop with me would you like to take a workshop on:

1. Still-life on Ampersand Pastelbord (which you can frame without glass).

2. Portraits on Fisher 400.

3. Still-life on Fisher 400.

What things would you want to or expect to learn in a workshop by little old me (ok not so little at the moment)?


Deborah Ross said...

I was lucky enough to have a workshop with you and I learned more than I expected. I thought you did a great job, and I'm a pastelbord convert for life. So if I could, I'd like to take a class about portraits on pastelbord. Your portraits are exceptional.

jackie said...

I'd like to take a still life workshop.

Anonymous said...

I would take them all,if I would be anywhere near you. :-)
But if I had to chose,I`d take a "still life on Fisher 400" . I think,portraiture is for the artists,who are more or less advanced,it`s not a thing for a beginner. And it would be really nice,if there would be workshops for different level of skills,that people have.So, that noone would feel left out,you know...:-)

Elflling said...

Portraits on Fisher 400 would be nice... Is there anyway we can get this paper in USA and not from UK? I am dying to give it a try...

Anonymous said...

Dear Nicole,
I could say so much about how much I look forward to seeing your work and reading your blog, but to answer your workshop question, all three and in that order. I am currently working on pastelbord but when I read about the Fisher 400, my sister was kind enough to order some for me. Would that I could see the way you work on Fisher 400 after I've seen how you work with the pastelbord! Any chance you'd ever come to NJ in future???!!!! If not, just give me directions!


Jan Pope said...

I'd like the still life workshop first. I'm interested in the Ampersand stuff. The other workshops would be nice too. Now if you could only make it to NC for them... or how about a web-based workshop?


Nicole Caulfield said...

Wow your answers are all over the map, lol!

Keep em' coming! Your input is much appreciated!

Just be assured I'm adding more workshops soon that are not in or near Keene, New Hampshire!

Anonymous said...

I must second Jan - a web workshop would be a heavenly gift for everybody ,not able to attend your workshops beacause of distance!

Anonymous said...

Yes, please! A web workshop would be wonderful.

I would like a still life workshop on either surface.