Friday, July 18, 2008

Water & Lemons

First off, thanks so much for the congrats!!

So this is what I worked on this week. An 11 x 14" still-life on Pastelbord.

If the galleries (and art patrons) didn't prefer works that are not under glass, I would love to switch to Fisher 400 for everything. I can just picture how this would have turned out on the paper instead, sigh. I am pretty happy with this nonetheless. Everything was difficult to render in it: lemons (so hard!), stainless steel, glass of water, and finally granite! What was I thinking!? Although I have to admit to some masochistic tendencies, because I really enjoy pushing myself through these hard to render subjects.

While working on it I started thinking about making a list of "must have supplies" that can make your mood when working on a project. Of course, knowing me, this list will be ever changing.

Black Coloursoft pencil by Derwent- its creamy and not dry like most black colored pencils. I can put a plain black background in without having to work hard at it or get out solvents etc.

White Luminance pencil by Caran D'Ache - it is just simply amazingly white and can go right on top of loads of layers of any colored pencil, and still be bright. I need to get loads of these.

Colourless Blender by Prismacolor - I use it to seal the pencil before varnishing and its great for blending things in the background and blurring soft edges.

That's it for now - when I find more must-haves, I'll let you know!


Rhonda Bartoe Tucker said...

Nicole, That is exquisite! You just keep pushing yourself; it is working out wonderfully. Thanks for the info on the must-haves. Been thinking about expanding my collection. Now I know where to start.

kay susan said...

Hats off! It's the little wet highlights and the transparency of that lemon slice that does it for me!

Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ said...

♥Love ♥Love ♥Love it Nicole!!

Carmel said...

This is really beautiful. The color of the lemons bounces off the page. Would you mind sharing if you worked on white or colored pastelboard?

Nicole Caulfield said...


Carmel - its on tan pastelbord. Or is it called sand? Its pretty much the only color I use.

Kasie - how did you make those hearts!!??

Deborah Ross said...

Once again...beautiful! That lemon slice looks so real that it almost drips. And the granite! Just perfect.

Rita said...

Another fantastic piece Nicole! I absolutely love how you've done the granite... I'm sure that was no small task!

I'd love to know (and maybe this is another one for your "must-haves" list) what type of fixative do you use for your pieces? Do you use different fixatives based on the support?

Nicole Caulfield said...

Thanks Rita! The granite actually went ratehr quick, but I had done it before so I had a little bit of an idea on how to go about it.

I use Lascaux Fixativ (love) and then I use a Kamar varnish by Krylon on top of the fixative on my pastelbord pieces. On paper I just use lasaux.

Thansk Deborah!

Vicki said...

Dear Nicole ,

Beginner’s Questions to a Master

How I look forward to your posts and reading the comments – thanks for giving Beauty life!

I am embarrassed to ask but too curious about how to improve, not to ask the following questions:

1) I have found that while using the Ampersand pastelbord – and maybe one shouldn’t do this – that I can layer colors or change my mind about an area I’m working on without end (although I know there must be an end) so long as I can, from time to time, use a solvent to blend and create a new surface. I hope you are not wincing. I also found I can veer far, far away from using the beautiful shaded tiny circles or straight line stroke techniques I’ve seen demonstrated and (enjoy using on paper) and just unabashedly scribble away (gasp) in those less realistic areas.
Is this because I know nothing and should not do this, or is this what pastelbord allows and forgives me for?

2) Given that not all the areas in my pastelbord pieces reveal a solvent-finished surface after the last stroke, the surface sheen is uneven. Is this why one applies the varnish? Do you always use fixative on all your pieces, Nicole?

Thanks to you and all for your patience with these questions. This is what comes from not being able to actually watch how one paints with pencil. I too vote for a web class!


Paula Pertile said...

How refreshing!