Thursday, October 23, 2008

Upcoming Classes!

In just a few weeks a new session of my 9 week colored pencil class will be begin. It covers the basics of working in colored pencil on sanded supports and is open to both beginner and intermediate students. If you've taken one of my colored pencil classes before and would like to try it again, we can work together to create challenging assignments to advance your technique and adjust to your interests. The class is in Keene, NH at Artworks, 30 Washington St. To sign up call the Moving Company at (603) 357-2100.

I am also very happy to announce an upcoming 3-day workshop in Fort Lauderdale FL. Feb. 20, 21, & 22nd! It will be a crash course in working with sanded supports! Lots of fun will be had, but be ready to work hard! I only do one "away" workshop a year, so this will be it for 2009. Click here for the .pdf for sign-up instructions and a better description of the workshop!

edit: I just updated the link to the class form and it SHOULD work now. I think the file name was just too long. Please let me know if you can't get it, and I will email you the .pdf.


Michael Finley said...

My hypothesis on the red.

The head creates heat and forms a layer of roundish dense warm air around the still head of the subject. The more dense air diffuses the light and it is diffused passing through the different densities. The layer of air is acting as a weak convex lens.

If correct in the more direct morning light one might see a more yellow/orange/green, midday a more red and evening more violet. The red would be the most visible as it is the least diffused.

A ton of variables are involved.

I propose it is not an accident and a function of the artists composition, the red being a part of the whole.

Conclusion: Just does that is all.

Jenna said...

Nicole, the links for your workshop information are not working....please fix them, I'd like to sign up for your Ft Lauderdale workshop! Thanks :)

Nicole Caulfield said...

hahah like your end conclusion Michael!

Jenna! Eek I just had a problem too... I can't fix it until Monday because it is more than just a wrong link, and my computer is at my studio. If you want you can call to sign up without the form, but I will have that fixed first thing on Monday. Call Anita at 954.968.3762

first thing monday - promise!