Monday, November 10, 2008

Artist Block


We all go through it, don't we?

I seem to have a spout of it after finishing a piece that I particulrly am excited about... so ever since I finished my large portrait with the rocks and concrete (still yet to name it), I've been STUCK, which you can tell by my lack of new artwork on this blog.

The good thing is, I've finally figured out I am in this rut... so I am ready with my usual plan of attack. I'm going to switch gears again form doing the portraits and work on a still-life. Better yet, a still-life I don't have to compose, because I have a couple I composed already in waiting. I switch gears because for me, I think artists block is a lack of confidence that the next piece won't be as good. That I've used up all my art mojo and that's it - there's nothing left! I was so into this feeling the other day I had to review some of my own wip's to make sure I knew how I even DID a portrait, as for some reason I felt I had forgotten!

So, that's it... I need to do a still-life before the next portrait and get my ego back to a nice even level before attacking a portrait again. Yikes... so soon I will have something for you all to see agin!

On another topic, since the election was over I finally got to bring my Obama portrait to the Monadnock Fine Art Gallery where it is in the window on display... and already I've heard quite a lot of feedback about it!

Now HOW did I do that portrait again...sigh....


Stacy said...

Nicole, I will have to remember your trick for getting past artist block. I don't know if it's the same for all artists, but my blocks are normally caused by a successful work just like yours is. It seems silly when I think about it, but I know it to be true. Good luck with your still life. I am sure you will be back to portraits in no time.

P.S. Have you sent a link for your Obama portrait to him? He might like to buy it, or perhaps would be interested in hiring you to do his official Presidential portrait.

April Jarocka said...

I agree with Stacy about that wonderful portrait of the President elect. It's fantastic. As for block..I also experienced a block last year after turning out my best piece then. It's a horrid feeling for sure, but when you put so much energy into something it's bound to leave a little hole. All the best

Deborah Ross said...

Nicole, I think your portrait of Obama is the best one I've seen
When I get stuck I surf the web and look at other artists' webpages. Somehow seeing all that creativity gets me going again. I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Veda Murthy said...

wow...Nicole! Every artist sure gets there I guess...I agree with deborah....I look up to u and other fine artist webpages. Seeing your work makes me so happy that i feel like getting back to something soon.

Did my first work with prismas.

Do take a look in your free time!

Elina said...

Hi,Nicole ! You are a great inspiration for me, I love your works and wait for new ones with a great impatience. I am happy and awed every time I see them. It is greatly surprises me, that someone so talented like you are might have an artist block ! I usually lose trust in myself,because my humble drawings are not at least good and now I hear,that it could be the other way around too !!!
In my case a great shiny new box of pencils helps. :-D Rather expensive,but powerfull cure for an artist block.
I guess,it is also important to remember, that an artist creates something not only out of desire to achieve a perfect result, but also because the very process of creating,which gives him/her happiness and joy .It is my believe, that every work of art, which is done with love and enjoing every moment of it is beautiful ! This is how you did all of them . ;-)

Rita said...

Nicole, despite not having any of your usual wonderful art to share with us I think this is a great post.

I think ruts come and go but when I get in one I do the same thing you're planning on doing. I just switch subject matter for a few pieces and I also cruise other artist websites or go to a gallery to seek out inspiration. I find after I do that I'm itching to start creating again.

I'm sure your next great work is just around the corner! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Nicole,
I know exactly what you mean about being blocked. I've been going through that myself for the last week or two. I just came off of a successful show where I won first place, now it just seems like I can only go down from there. When this happens to me I work on something small (8" x 10" or smaller) just to get my confidence back before I try and tackle something bigger. You would think as long as we've been doing this there wouldn't be a confidence problem. Thank God it's only temporary. Good luck with your block. With your talent you won't have any problem.
All the best,

Nicole Caulfield said...

You all are so great for sharing your blocks with me!! It always feels better to know you are not the only one... which is why I decided to go ahead and make a little post about it!

Thnaks everyone for the support!

Brandy said...

Ah, well put and kinda there atm myself... want to draw but nothing that could be "great" - just little doodles that aren't demanding on my limited supply of 'mojo' lol.

Looks like your back to working already though and I need to do the same :)