Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Coming Up Cherries

Here's where I got up to yesterday. Please excuse the glare on the lower half and the distortion... oh the distortion!

This has the same green cloth as the cafe in the last thread, but I think I'll switch it to blue to match the blues in the spoon. Plus blue and red are always a favorite.

I'm off to frame some stuff and drop some things off for the Jaffrey Civic Center's Annual Autumn Area Art Exhibit, in Jaffrey, NH.


Deborah Ross said...

These are really nice, Nicole. You just keep getting better and better. I really like your portraits and I hope we'll see more of those.

Nicole Caulfield said...

No worries Deborah -I'll be making more portraits!! You couldn't stop me!! I have another grandios idea for a portrait too that might take some preparation.