Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Step by Step Portrait

I hope everyone had a good holiday break. The kids were off school for several days, so besides Turkey Day, I spent time winter cleaning and having fun with the kids. Now it is back to work.

Part of my slump a couple of weeks ago was due to me trying to come up with a set "technique" for my portraits to use in workshops and whatever else I need to use it for (let your minds wander here).

I've been working intuitively when I do portraits, and although I obviously have a rough idea on the steps I do, I let the steps overlap and come about organically. It is much harder to do things step by step... at least for me.

After several failed attempts... here is my latest failed attempt, which IS very close to figured out! Whew. One thing I have discovered is a very slight head tilt is hard to deal with when you are so focused on steps and technique... so I'm going to redo this with a straight on shot. Even a larger tilt or twist of the head would be easier than a just so ever so slight tilt like in this pic. Anyway... enjoy the WIP, but I won't be giving any words to the demo because I am saving that for something important.


Jo Castillo said...

Wow! You make this look so easy! Beautiful choice of color and the tilt looks great. Difficult enough straight on, as you say. Lovely, Nicole.

Doda said...

that is pretty awesome!

Nkolika said...

Hi, this is my first ever comment on an art blog and I would gladly say you merited it by all means. Your work is indeed lovely and I can't help but wonder why you consider it a failed attempt. Would also like to know the medium you used?