Tuesday, December 30, 2008

January '09 portrait prices and after Christmas sale

Its time to start looking back on 2008. In the last year I worked hard to get a portfolio of portraits together. Towards the end of the year I started sending them out to shows and am very pleased with how they have been received:

  • My portrait "Defiance" was accepted into the Catharine Lorillard Juried Show, and was also accepted in the Northlight book "Strokes of Genius 2: The Best of Light & Dark" due to come out October 2009.
  • My portrait "Rob" was accepted in the UK Colored Pencil Society International Show and was chosen 6th Place Viewer's Choice.
  • My portrait "at the Beach" won "Best of Show" at the CPSA 112 Regional Juried Show entitled "H20 Artistic Interpretation of Water" at the Spring Bull Gallery, Newport, RI.
  • My portrait "Zen" was just accepted in the Thorne Sagendorph Gallery juried show in Keene along with "Becca."
  • "Zen" also was just voted by you all as the Best Portrait by a Female Blogger on Making a Mark's MAMA Awards! This one still hasn't sunk in yet! Thanks so much for everyone who voted for me!!! Its an honor!

I am having an after Christmas sale on any portrait commissions booked during the month of January or February. The sale is for one free upgrade - either in size, background or adding an additional person. The sale is available either from my website or through the gallery. You can reach me through my email at nicolecaulfield@gmail.com

I usually only work with people I've met in person and have taken the photograph of, but if you are willing to work with me regarding a photo you take, I am willing also. We'll start with a simple set of instructions on how to take a good photo and recognizing a good photo to use. After you take a series of photos you can send them to me via email to see if they will work for a portrait. Working without meeting the person brings about some difficulties regarding likeness and personality, but it is possible, so it is very important to have a photo that "looks like" the person and to work with me to get a good likeness.

Portrait Prices starting Jan. '09:
(these are without the after Christmas sale upgrade - so if you pay for an 8 x 10 - you can get a 12 x 16 - for example)

head (approx. size 8" X 10").................................$900
head and shoulders (approx. 12" x 16")..............$1200
16" x 20" .................................................................$2000
18" x 24"..................................................................$2500

Prices are for a colored pencil portrait on Fisher 400 archival paper. Other sizes can be discussed. Portraits come with plain backgrounds and for one sitter. You can upgrade either the background or add additional figures for an additional fee.

To view my portfolio of portraits visit http://www.nicolecaulfield.com/galleryportraits.htm
Or if you would like a printed brochure to convince your spouse, email me and I can snail mail one to you.


Ana Tirolese said...

Congratulations! These pieces are gorgeous.

Deborah Ross said...

Nicole, congratulations on winning the MAMA prize for best portrait by a female artist. I think we all knew that 'Zen' was a winner before you even finished it. I hope a lot of commissions come your way.

Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Nicole,
You did work very hard this year on your portrait portfolio. Congratulations on how well your hard work is paying off!
I am positive that you are going to receive lots of commissions.
Your recent pastel pencil work has inspired me to get mine out and have some fun. Sounds like a great way to spend some hours on New Year's Eve. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being in the Strokes of Genius book, the first book was great and the next (with you in it) will be even better!

Again Gratz on "Rob", "Zen" and "at the beach". I've been amazed at your work since I first found it via ST and am gobsmacked at your talent.