Thursday, December 25, 2008

Shortlisted for MAMA!

Merry Christmas!

We've had a great Christmas here at the Caulfield house. The kids got more than they needed yet again and are preoccupied with their new toys. You all know I opened my favorite present early this year... oops... The leftovers from Thanksgiving are still cluttering the freezer so instead of a traditional feast my husband Mike bought half the menu from a local Chinese Restaurant. I see a possible new tradition there! The rest of the day I set about finishing book 4 from the Twilight series - eek should I have publicly admitted that? Oh well... book 4 was the best by the way.

& a bit of news.

Thank you to Sheona Hamilton who nominated my portrait 'Zen' for 'award for best portrait by a female blogger' on Katherine Tyrrell's blog Making a Mark ( & her yearly MAMA awards)! Its great to be nominated, but Sheona's graphite work is amazing, so I'm excited that she picked my portrait to nominate! It then has been shortlisted - which means it is one of 5 you can vote for to be the favorite. Go on over and take a look at the entries (all of which are great) and vote on your favorite. :-)

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