Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Studio Hours

Regular Studio Hours!
Monday - Friday 10am - 2pm
17 Roxbury St
Keene, NH

Would you like to stop by my studio and see what I am working on or discuss a portrait? I am here most weekdays, if the kids have school, so I thought I would post some regular hours for people to stop in. I am here unless it is a holiday or the kids are off school and you are welcome to stop in. Just don't expect a gallery space - it is a working studio space. :)

& look outside my studio today! SNOW! Those of you who know me well know that means I am a very happy camper when it snows.

I don't have anything new at the moment; I've been working on framing things (and reframing some things) to send off to galleries. It is also the drop off this weekend for a local Biennial juried show at the Thorne Sagendorph Gallery at Keene State College. I am entering my large portrait and this other portrait and would appreciate many crossed fingers that I get in! The show is juried by the actual artwork instead of jpgs and slides, so I had to reframe my large portrait today when I saw that I had made a big boo-boo when framing it the fist time... sigh... but all is fixed now and they are ready to be dropped off.
Just a little fyi - if you ARE in the Keene area, I have some portraits on display at the City Hall in Keene, on the 3rd floor. I will be picking them up Thursday this week, so its your last chance to see them there. After that they will be back home in my studio until the next show.

late fall study 3 x 6"
colored pencil on UART 400


Anonymous said...

Im the same way when it snows. Unfortunately, we don't get a lot of it around here. Looks like you have a pretty cool studio. I had to build mine in our backyard. I'm sure your portraits will make it into the show...their all top class.

Michael Finley said...

I like the landscape very much.

Interesting choice of subject. It seems to be is an area that has burned or been disturbed with equipment. Might be a impounded or drained area. I am guessing 22E Colton is the soil type or 295.

Be cool to know if I am correct. That is what I see anyway.

Casey Klahn said...

Congratulations on opening a studio!
I had (still have) a dream of a studio in a house across the street from the Elementary school in town, but am just as happy for now with the out-of-house studio just installed.
I expect you will create many fine art works in this new space - keep us up to date!

Nicole Caulfield said...

I'm trying not to be sad today Scott, it rained and washed all the snow away. :9 Thanks for the confidence!!

haha Michael - that is too funny. I see shapes of grey, blue and orange, NOT SOIL QULAITIES! :)

THANK YOU CASEY! I appreciate it!