Monday, February 23, 2009

Florida Workshop

I just got back (well at 3 am this morning) from my workshop in Ft Lauderdale Florida hosted by the Ft. Lauderdale chapter of CPSA. Thansk so much ladies for all your hard work setting up the workshop and all the set up, driving me around etc! It is much appreciated!

We had a good time despite the fact that I tend to talk during most every minute of my workshops..... uck.... and I sometimes think I am some sort of colored pencil comedian. Not a good one mind you. 

The workshop was 2 1/2 days and was meant to be a sampler of sanded supports with colored pencils so we used 3 papers and felt their similarities and differences, as well as their pros and cons.  You can see my lousy lousy distorted photos below of the work we did. Not everyone finished each day, especially the portrait day, but we all got a chance to get a feel for he technique on this type of surface.

Eggs and Fabric on UART 400 using dry colored pencils.

Side-lit portrait on Fisher 400 using Faber Castell Polychromos pencils. 

Shiny Red Shoes using watecolor underpainting and 
dry colored pencils on Ampersand Pastelbord. 

I havanother workshop coming up March 14th - 15th in Portland Oregon if anyone is interested. It is a 2 day workshop so it will be similar to the one in Florida, but I'll have to mix things up a bit to fit it in the 2 days. If you are interested in sigining up email me and I'll get you to the right person to sign up. Again it is being hosted by one of the wonderful CPSA local chapters, but they are happy to have non-members join them. 


Sheila said...

How wonderful these workshops must be. Oh, to be around people of like minds and just feed off that energy.

Elina said...

Please,PLEASE,PRETTY PLEASE,come to Ireland... or, if you cannot come,then web-based online workshops? No ? A DVD ? Please ?
I am so jealous of the people who are able to attend your workshops,i`m just crying out loud ! Guys, how lucky you are, how extremely incredible lucky you are...and how extremely unlucky I am ,living on the wrong side of the world !
God bless you.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Wow - those are really good results! You must be jolly proud of your students.

How did they like the speedy side of working on sanded surfaces?

Nicole Caulfield said...

They're a lot of fun Sheila! but tiring - I'm not used to working a full day! :-)

Elina - I'll tell you what - if you can find enough people to pay for a workshop with me - enough money to cover my travel expenses - I have always wanted to go to Ireland! :-)

Aren't they great Katherine? They all seemed to like the speediness - but the messiness was not loved by all, lol.

Lorraine said...

Do you ever do a workshop near your home but several days in a row so students could stay in a hotel/motel near the workshop? I live in Ct close,but to to far to drive up for a once a week class.

Anonymous said...

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