Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Giveaway!! & I've gone Etsy on you!

So I had this fabulous idea to take my workshop demonstrations and sell them on Etsy at low prices compared to my regular drawings. So I took them down from the display board in the hallway outside my studio (where I've had them hung), took them home to scan and make an Etsy shop during the holiday weekend, and found BULLET holes in them! Okay not bullet holes, but when scanned in and enlarged it looks like it. It seems that somebody felt the need to poke pushpin holes in my drawings. :-( A couple came away unscathed and I have put those on my new Etsy shop: www.caulfield.etsy.com

As far as the hole-y drawings? The holes aren't actually so noticeable (unless you scan them or hold them up to light) so I've decided to do a giveaway! 

The first 3 people to comment in this thread that they want one will get one of the three little drawings above! Enlarge the photos to see the holes... maybe you don't want one!

I'll try and put some things in there from time to time. The prices of the workshop demonstrations will be lower that my normal drawings which are set at my normal gallery prices even in the etsy shop. There may be a discount however for unframed pieces. & you know - you can always go to one of the galleries I'm in and buy over the phone a piece that you've seen on this website. Currently I have work at these galleries:

Monadnock Fine Art Gallery 99 Main St, Keene, NH

Chasen Galleries -

Sharon Arts Juried Gallery in downtown Peterborough, NH


Jennifer Suarez said...

I'd love one!! The cherries are the cutest!

Jan said...

I've always wanted an original Caulfield of any subject so please count me in!

Wanted to hurry and post and now I'm off to see your Etsy shop!

Marion said...

I would love opne, holes or not

Nicole Caulfield said...

Yay! 3 already!

Send me your mailing address ladies and I'll get them sent off soon. nicolecaulfield@gmail.com

Cindy said...

Darn it...I'm number 4....who would stick push pins in someone's artwork????

ale balanzario said...

Oh oh, Im number 5, sad, well, congratulation to the 3 first ones.

Thanks Nicole for this give away.


Beth said...

Ah, shoot! I'm too late! Good luck with the Etsy shop! I'm glad to see another colored pencil artist there!
I couldn't get the links to your etsy shop to work on your blog. It may just be me, my puter has been acting a little crazy with my blog, but just wanted to mention that.

Anonymous said...

Nicole, when I click on your ESTY link it says not available...might want to check it out...

Meanwhile, I think those who deface others work...be it art or whatever...need to learn a little respect...for others!

Love the fog landscape...


Nicole Caulfield said...

I don't know who would stick the pushpins in... but the woman down the hall did warn me that people rearrange her board outside her door.

I do have to say that down the hall there is a tattoo parlor. Not that people with tattoos poke artwork...I have a little tattoo. but I do think they get groups of college kids in there at night that may drink alcohol. Just a guess.

Thank you for the heads up on the link! i think I fixed it!

Reflections From Life Art Blog said...

Oh darn! I'm WAY too late! I'll have to check out your shop. I'd love to have a Nicole original, holes and all. :D

Best wishes with your shop!!


Carolina said...

That's not fair, I've been out the whole afternoon!!!

Ruby said...

Nicole, the address is still not working. Try putting it like "http://www.caulfield.etsy.com/", maybe that will work better.

And darn, too late. I hate time zones! :(

Jan Pope said...

Me too.... I see that it is too late for this giveaway. I would really like to have one to study your technique. You work is so beautiful and I'm so envious of your way with portraits.

Brandy said...

haha, I was up at the time that email came through but had just sent hubby off to work and was making myself get off the computer and get things done... Now if this doesn't prove that filing and housework are over-rated!!!

Next time I think I shall just stay online and look at email ;)

Hannah E Carpenter said...

Hi Nicole!

It is nice to see that you have a blog! AND that it appears on www.elmcity.info! That is so great!

I hope all is well!! See you at Art in the Park!