Thursday, July 9, 2009

Silent Auction Preview

I've been having loads of fun with the kids on their time off.. . but haven't been in the studio. We are off to Hawaii in one week from today! :-)

Just wanted to post a link to the CPSA Silent Auction benefit. You can bid only if you are at the convention in Atlanta sadly - as I would love to bid on some, but if you are one the lucky ones who will be at the convention - buy buy buy! The proceeds go to CPSA and their efforts.

Coming up I have two other benefits I am donating art too - the Keene Historical Society and the Keene Humane Society. I'll get you more information as it gets closer to those events.

Happy Summering!


readingsully2 said...

I was born in Honolulu but did not get back to visit until a few years ago. I went twice within a four month period. It was so fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Nicole,enjoy your upcoming trip! I am sure you are glad to leave NH for a while and get away from some of that all must have prune fingers up there by now...Although I understand it was nice today!...

I continue to be wowed by your beautiful art work!