Monday, September 21, 2009

There is an opening for my show "Fruits of Fall" at the Monadnock Fine Art Gallery on Main Street in Keene this Friday night from 6-8. The gallery did such a great job, as usual, displaying my work for the show which runs through October. Come by and see me and stay for the art and wine!

I thought I would post some of the art projects we have started at school. I am having loads of fun teaching the kids. It is very different from adult classes.... I actually had one youngster doing a simple r,y,b watercolor pencil color mixing project... and all of a sudden he starts yelling (I mean yelling) "I got orange! Look, I got orange!" I know the gals at the CPSA workshop in Portland were excited, but first graders top them. :-) Plus I kind of like being called Mrs. Caulfield. That's it... next colored pencil adult workshop I do, I'm going by Mrs. Caulfield.
Kindergarten collages of chicken little. Sooo cute - click to see them larger.

2nd grade pastel Cakes inspired by WayneThiebaudand & Wendy Prior because she said that she enjoyed learning how to make a cylinder (cake) correctly as a kid.

& 3rd grade Op Art... are you just a little woozy looking at that?


Kendra said...

I love teaching the kids, they are so cute! We're teaching them to mix colors and they learn so fast. Have fun!

Carolina said...

Thanks for sharing your class projects, Mrs. Caulfield, they're so cute, I agree :)

And congratulations on the exhibition, wish you the best on it!

Michael Finley said...

I got to go to the opening. It was awesome. Having had the privilege of viewing so much work one piece at a time it was a tad overwhelming to see so many.

There was a large painting there of a mens clothing store through a door way. It was very life like you could almost see people moving in it.

Maybe Nichole can explain it.