Wednesday, June 2, 2010


hmmmm... I was trying to crop that still-life, which is on Pastelbord, when the blade skipped and sliced into the drawing. Sigh. After shedding a few tears, since it was actually a rather difficult drawing to do, I have decided to give it away. It can't be sold as is but it can still have a good life on someone's wall.

So the first person to email me their address gets to have it.


Marion said...

My email is

Virginia Tupper said...

Rats, I'm too late!

Nicole Caulfield said...

Lol, Carolina is first. She emailed me last night at 11:30.

Thanks guys for trying!!!

Dors said...

I'm so sorry about your disaster with your painting.
Oh I can just imagine how upset you were.
It's just heartbreaking when things like that happen.

A hug for you Nicole.

Carolina said...

:):):) Is it politically correct to be so happy? :):):)

Meisie said...

I'm sure it isn't carolina...but we'll forgive you...this time ;-) ROFLOL

CONGRATS and enjoy!!!