Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Walk in the Woods
10" x 8"
Prismacolors on Pastelbord

We have been enjoying loads of wild raspberries from our backyard. We've had raspberry muffins, pancakes and they are great in my greek yogurt with some walnuts. So this little still-life is just some things I found in the woods behind my house and stuffed in a little metal green teapot. 

Sorry for the lousy photo.. it was late and I only had artificial lighting. The photo below is interesting though. The butterfly still-life on the left is under Museum glass and there is no glare and the orchid one next to it which is on Pastelbord and has been varnished has a terrible glare! The Walk in the Woods has not been varnished yet so again no glare there. 

I hope to drop these 3 off to the gallery tomorrow along with some portraits. That is if I can get them framed! They are just sitting in the frames right now. 


Dors said...

Just love all your work Nicole and the framing is superb.

Gemma said...

Another Beauty Nicole, I love the reflections. And of course I just love your work in general.

pve design said...

lovely- i want to try working on pastel board.

Carolina said...

'A walk in the woods' is my new favorite!