Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Beginning of Norman Rockwell Series

I've been wanting to do a series inspired by Norman Rockwell for a long time (ask my friends, they are tired of hearing about it) and I am finally diving in. The idea of the series is to combine the sense of humor of Rockwell but apply it to today's social environment. I want them to say something about family life TODAY and all the wonderful weirdness of it. Issues I am thinking of is the plethora of extracurricular activities kids are in, the infusion of gadgets in our daily lives, working Moms, Dad's new roles, etc. etc.

The reason why I haven't started yet is because the set up on them is more than I am used to and I am not sure how I will market them... or if I will.   I just feel like I have to do them and after just having my 38th birthday I am ready to risk it and to do the series, before I hit 40, lol. That is what you do right? Hit 40?

So I started my first one... its a simple one, in that it only has one model. The next one will have multiple models, props etc so I decided to do my first one with just one model (even if she [my daughter] made me pay her $20 for the honor of portraying her).

I think the title will be "Wrong Place or Wrong Time." A little girl stands on an empty soccer field, ball in hand, cleats and pads on, but also dressed in her ballet outfit and bunned hair. Did her mom drop her off at soccer when she is supposed to be at ballet? The viewer can guess, but down near her feet will be two google calendar event bubbles for "Soccer Practice on Thursday" and "Ballet Class" on Wednesday. I wonder if she looked at the calendar before she drove off in the SUV?

It is 24" x 36" - which is huge for me. I plan on getting these photographed after and if I frame them, framing them open air (no glass) &varnished to cut framing costs and to keep the weight down - glass is heavy. If I varnish I can't use Polychromos like I usually do with my portraits, so I am using Coloursofts and Prismacolors like I do on my still-lifes. The paper is my favorite Fisher 400, which I am running low on now! Varnishing these may backfire. Whenever you varnish a colored pencil drawing the darks will deepen and some colors will change a bit. That's why I will be having them photographed professionally first and then trying the varnish. Hopefully the varnish won't change them much!


Dors said...

Lovely start on this series Nicole.
I am also a great fan of Norman Rockwell. Love his art and humor.

I will look forward to seeing your series unfold.

Victoria on Okinawa said...

This is a great plan! and looks to me you've started out great already! Maybe you could make them into a book, I'd purchase one for sure! Looking forward to the whole series. Sorry no pressure, just excited!!!

Sarah Knight said...

Interesting and clever : )

Valerie Jones said...

Oh, I can't wait to see these progress! I am a fan of Norman Rockwell too. Congratulations on turning 38! I turn that number on Sunday.

Paula Pertile said...

You can't varnish Polys?

Love the idea of doing NR. Its looking great so far!