Sunday, January 23, 2011

Italian Decadence

Italian Decadence 6" x 18"   Coloursofts & Prismacolors on Pastelbord

You might notice I chose a different reference from the one in the video in the last post. I wanted it to look more decadent so I decided on this set up  where the satin fabric played  a larger role. There are a lot of objects in this piece, but I think it works because of the way like colors/values are grouped together. Please click on the photo to view it larger. 

People often ask how long my drawings take to do, so for this one I tried to figure that out.

Thursday: 4  hours setting up still-life, Photoshopping and drawing line drawing on board.
Friday day: 5 hours drawing (with breaks)
Friday night: 4 hours
Saturday day & night: 8 hours

That adds up to 21 hours for this little piece. Although I have to admit that the cow still-life, which is the same size, took me about 14 hours. The Italian one has more objects that are also more detailed so it took a lot more time. 


MrCachet said...

Very cool, Nicole - and thanks for including the video!

Sarah Knight said...

Looks lovely : )

Paula Pertile said...

This is beautiful!

Kim Denise said...

Lovely!! I especially like how you handled the white pieces. Elegant work. Your productivity is an inspiration to me--I need to get myself in gear!

Nicole Caulfield said...

Thanks everyone!!

Kim I hope my productivity stays!

Gemma said...

Hey Nicole... I just love this, it's beautiful. I am so amazed that you are able to do these so quickly. Do you use a heavier pressure when applying the cp? I use a light pressure and add lots and lots of layers so therefore it takes me hours and hours to do.

Great work!!

Nicole Caulfield said...

lol Gemma- I thought that was a LONG time!!!!!

I vary my pressure... but I wouldn't say its hard or soft! :-) I think the biggest thing is my hand is moving fast when I do it? Hmmmm.... maybe I need to do a short video in the future just for people to see those things. Ann Kullberg was a bit shocked with both my pressure and the speed my hand goes when I'm doing it.