Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Stuff!

Always on the lookout for new still-life items, when I had to go to Peterborough, NH last week I picked up these great ceramic hands at Bowerbird & Friends in Depot Square.   I am not sure how I will use them yet, but I'm sure I eventually will. They are not antiques, which is fine with me - smaller price tag! They were displayed holding place setting names on a set table. I also got a couple of new diner mugs which I am very happy about. If you haven't noticed I have been enjoying getting a little fun or kitsch in my still-lifes lately so these hands go right along! If you are interested in buying a ceramic hand too I found this one online from Urban Outfitters., It is a jewelry stand. http://bit.ly/gkUfK5  & here are similar diner mugs available online. http://bit.ly/f4h0jk They are more expensive than what I paid - but if you have to have it too there they are!

On the same note, the great Design Milk Blog posted some glass straws today, but I was more interested in the glass milk carton she mentions in the post. http://bit.ly/eQSUDn I googled it to see if I could purchase one and to my amazement  (I can).  There were other similar things like a glass ziploc bag! How fun! & don't even talk to me about the food face plate - how fun would that be!? Maybe not for a still-life.... but just for the fun of it! ;-)

Another new thing in my studio  is this cart. I got it last summer but just finally put it in the studio. It is a vintage cart that we picked up from a yard sale for $5! It is in perfect condition, no rust, completely sturdy. Actually it is in such good shape I am afraid to use it! I get upset when I buy something vintage/antique that has made it through the years unscathed only to shorten its life when it gets to my house. Well it was only $5 and is a very good example of why you shouldn't jump right away and buy one of those similar expensive ones made for artists and sold in the art catalogs. I've seen these several times at yard sales so keep a look out for one by you if you like it.

Can't wait to get to my art day on Thursday! See you then!


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Dors said...

WOW what a fun time you have had Nicole. Wish I could pick up bargains like this.

I must get out there and see what I can find. Have a great fun day on Thursday with all your new purchases. Love them all.