Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fossil, Trace, or Impressions Finished

Okay I think this is finished now.

I'm really pleased with the addition of the ferns on the wall face. As part of the Zen series, I wanted the wall as much a part of the picture as the girl. I see the surroundings she is in as an abstract expressionist painting - all about the surface, like a Pollack or Rothko.  The wall face is brought to the surface of the painting by being cropped off, by the texture, and by the decorative fern pattern. I think bringing this pattern to the surface matches what we do when we decide to pay attention to the beauty of nature.

I plan on getting this professionally photographed so I will repost it in a couple of weeks when I get it back.

Oh and any opinions on the title? "Fossil," "Trace," or "Impressions."


Denise G said...

Such a fantastic addition to your series! It will also be interesting to see how your "models" change as you go through this series.

I like Lasting Impression - what do you think?

Great to see your work again - I have missed you!! Congrats on the tin, too. How exciting...


Paula Pertile said...

This is beautiful.

Julia said...

Your work makes me happy :-)

Nicole Caulfield said...

Thanks Julia, Paula and Denise!

I went for Lasting Impressions - thanks so much for the idea!