Friday, April 15, 2011

New Portrait

I've been busy writing for my book, so I decided to take a break and make a work in progress, an example, for the book.

My coworker/friend was kind enough to let me borrow her sons for portraits, who I have in class as well so I do know their personalities. For this one I wanted to keep the nature theme of the Zen series, but have it say something about him. Well, he loves animals and has a put lizard of some sort.  So I won't give away what the things will be in it, but you can guess it is lizard related!

The size is 16" x 20" Polychromos on Fisher 400 paper.

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Katherine Thomas said...

Wow! This is gorgeous. The color is so rich and vibrant. I like that you are working part to whole, as I like to do. Most of the books say to fill in the whole piece and build up values as you go... but that doesn't feel right for me. I like your process here. Good luck with the book.