Saturday, April 2, 2011

Times Are Changing

On Thursday I had the unfortunate task of picking up my artwork from Monadnock Fine Art Gallery because they are closing their doors due to the economic climate. They are greatly going to be missed by us artists as well as the community. I have been told that they are going to still function for us hosting  rotating shows at various upscale Main Street businesses and keeping up their website.

photo: artwork picked up from Gallery on the studio floor

Two years ago I had come to a different crossroads. I started teaching part-time at a local grade and middle school. It is a demanding part-time job with 10 grade levels to teach in 2 days, along with no curriculum provided. My studio time out of school was invaded by constantly thinking about what projects I was going to do next and doing examples. Not only was my time eaten away, but my mental ability to stay focused on my artwork when I wasn't teaching was stressed.  SO I had to down scale my fine art projects which included removing my artwork from galleries that weren't performing and putting my colored pencil portrait book project on hold. I decided to just keep my artwork at Monadnock Fine Art Gallery (the one that just closed) and Chasen Galleries.

 So now that my best selling gallery is no longer needing the same output from me, I can resurrect my portrait book project. I am thinking of this change as a good thing and a chance for me to finish a project I really feel strong about. I have one chapter finished, and a table of contents finished already.  Basically I have the book planned out which is the hardest part. I am thinking the rest of the chapters will take a fraction of the time that that  first chapter took, as it was a huge learning process. I am also excited about how my teaching experience has enlightened me on a new direction for my exercises in the book.  I am looking into self-publishing options in ebook and print format which was not as available two years ago, so the formatting and editing will lie on my shoulders, but I think it is worth it.

I hope you all are up for the ride into this new venture with me! It will also mean less artwork displayed on this blog for a little while. So watch for book sneak peaks and the occasional still-life or portrait in this space! 

possible ebook cover concept



I wish you the best in your new project. We say in GREECE: <>. But is bad for the art, when an art gallery is closed.


We say in Greece: any obstacle to good.

Robert Sisson said...

I have purchaed e-books but I have a preference for printed copies. There is one trap with self-published books, you could lose some critical advice unless you have friends who will give honest opinions prior to publication.

Nicole Caulfield said...

True Maria!

Robert - I understand - its nice to have print copies of art books. I plan on paying someone to edit it when I am finished. Hopefully that will solve that other problem.

Gemma said...

Oh how exciting Nicole!! I can't wait for it to come out. I am a huge fan of yours so I will definitely buy a copy.

Nicole Caulfield said...

Thanks so much Gemma!!!!! 2 chapters down!

Gloria Callahan said...

Congrats on the book, your insights into portraits may be just what I need to feel more comfortable with doing them. Keep me in on the list when it comes out.

Reflections From Life Art Blog said...

Look at it as all in God's timing. Had things not happened the way they did, this book would not be the book it is going to be now - with more knowledge, maybe even better illustrations and demos, and a better way to publish it.

Best wishes on the book. You are going to do fantastic on it!!!!!