Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer 2011 Goals

You all know how summer goes by incredibly fast so I think I need to make some goals here for my own art. Besides making sure I take the kids to swim lessons and the pool most days, a handful of playdates, the trip or two out of town,  (the ocean, Six Flags), and our annual 2 week summer trip back home to Illinois - I plan on getting the following things finished this summer:

(Insert picture of self with palm facing out)

I will get my portrait book finished by the time school gets back except for having it edited. (4 chapters are finished now).

I will make a Harry Potter themed still-life in the next two weeks (before the last movie comes out and I leave for Illinois).

I will attempt to arrange and photograph several still-life reference photographs for future use.

I will make at least 4 new still-lifes before Art in The Park in September.

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Katherine Thomas said...

Oooh! A Harry Potter still-life sounds awesome! I will look forward to your summer efforts!