Monday, October 17, 2011

Lina's Finished Portrait

This portrait will be a part of my book. You an see the steps it took to get it here on my other post:

Yes, I am still working on it. :-) I have 2 art days a week and the last couple of weeks have gone to other things: the open studio tour, and the bowl for the auction. I am not worried though because there is nothing on the radar at the moment that will suck up my art days. Oh, except my daughter does want me to come on her field trip next month to Plymouth Plantation on a Friday and I have never been there so I may have to go. 

My schedule seems to be very rigid as of late:

Mondays: cleaning the house, running errands, getting lessons ready for school the next day. 
Tuesdays: Work
Wednesdays: work
Thursdays: Art Day!
Friday: Art Day!
Nights: drive the kids around, dinner, laundry, getting lunch and clothes ready for next day,  tv/reading, bedtime
Weekends: Family Time! Woo-Hoo! & laundry... always laundry. Oh and grocery shopping. 

Unfortunately when I have to squeeze things in it usually happens on those art days...


Katherine Thomas said...

Hope you do the field trip! Those are once-in-a-lifetime experiences for parents! This portrait is awesome! I'm going to remember how you did the lighting on the side like that, it's so dramatic and gives the portrait so much life and emotion!

hmuxo said...

Your blog is filled with beautiful work! This particular portrait is absolutely perfect.!