Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentines at the Caulfield House

I thought instead of a book update today (I worked on hair this week) I'd show you the valentines my girls and I are making.

My daughter REALLY wanted to get personalized candy hearts that said "Meh" like Lisa in the Simpsons. We looked at buying some online and they were so expensive that we decided to try and make our own. My husband had bought a stamp set from Staples that stamps tiny little letters that you position yourself, so we used that with a bit of food coloring on a paper towel.  Of course we didn't have blank hearts to stamp on so we used a cheese grater to grate the old words off. So sand the old letters off, then squeeze some food coloring on a paper towel folded up, and dab on the stamp. Quickly position the stamp and roll and press towards you to stamp. Oila - Your very own MEH candy hearts! You do have to remember to place the letters on the stamp backwards for printing!

We also made some chocolate treats with a chocolate mold and ring op rings I've been saving from old ring pops. I put the instructions to those on my food blog if you would like to see how to make them. I made them with dark chocolate instead of store bought candy melts.


 & last but not least some tea valentines. I saw how to make the sugar cubes and tea bags on Martha Stewart. com and put the two together to make the valentine. I should mention I bought the little plastic bags for these and the meh candy hearts in the chocolate molding section of Michaels, and just cut some cardstock to fold over and staple to the top.

Okay now I will get back to the book. I did all the examples for the mouth and hair sections now (btw do you know what a philtrum is?).


Mary said...

How clever! My initials are meh. lol I hope I get some of these for valentines day. :P

Nicole Caulfield said...

hahaha No sorry we got tired of the scraping so we only have just enough to give to the kids friends.