Thursday, March 8, 2012

Color Wheel - WIP 1

I am so close to finishing the book I can taste it... but I have to admit it tastes a bit foul right now. No, I am not disappointed with the book - I just need a break from  it before I go through with the first edits.

So I decided to do a still-life. All this time working on the book has allowed me to fantasize about what still-lifes to do. I really would like to do some that overlap my interests with my other blog I have with my sister: about healthy eating.

So I went for it and started a food color wheel. It is large: 24" x 30," so the food is just ever so slightly larger than life size. To give you an idea of the size the platter in real life is 18" round and the platter on the paper is 19" round. Not much different.

Today's post is the first day... not much done yet because I had to draw my general shapes on there first and the day is now over.

It is on Fisher 400 paper mounted on Gatorboard and I am using all Coloursoft pencils.


Marion said...

Wow! I'm hungry looking at. Look foreward to seeing the finished meal.j

Katherine Thomas said...

I know its going to be stunning already. I love the colors and the title and the whole idea of a color wheel in a still life!