Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vintage Stirrers

My new vintage find that will hopefully find their way into a still-life. 

They were found at a garage sale that was really an estate sale after a death. They are just a sampling of a large collection of swizzle sticks that apparently the owner collected from restaurants and bars over the years. They really intrigue me as I can't really remember this being a thing. I remember my parents collecting matchbooks from places, but I can't remember my Shirley Temples being adorned with such cute accessories. I do see large collections of them often at the antique dealers and yard sales, so I know it must have been a thing. Which years they were the most popular and when these are from would be nice to know. 

Don't you love the cow, and the woman figure, and the Sea Breeze. Sigh. I need to figure out how to use them.

Here's some info I found on swizzle sticks:

A brief description from Wisegeek


The Rum Swizzle which they may have been created for in the 30's.


& I got my answer about the glasses from Wiki. The Collins glass is taller and thinner.

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Crystal Cook said...

Those are too cool. I've never even thought of those before, other than occassionaly hearing about swizzle sticks. And that woman figure is sa-weet. :)