Friday, July 13, 2012


I was looking through images on Pinterest and came across this woman's Airstream Art Studio. She had her husband refurbish an old Airstream into a workable art studio. I searched more on the internet and also found this great dress shop in Portland Oregon, yes, out of a camper trailer.

I have to say I got a little obsessed, started a board on Pinterest for camper trailers, and talked about it with everyone. To my amazement when I was at work and again telling everyone about this great trailer idea., one of my coworkers said she had a camper that she might be able to sell! She offered it to me for dirt cheap so I could not say no (really honey).

It obviously is not an Airstream and since it is not that large I think an art studio is out... so I have a new idea of what to do with it inspired by the dress shop camper. My idea is to do it up like a vintage 50's, 60's camper (this one is from the 80's but is not too different) in a nice turquoise and white striped design and use it as a little art gallery. I know crazy right? But think about taking it to maybe a farmer's market with a little canopy on the front and selling my little 8x8 prints? Perfect right?

Even better if I can inspire some other artists and craftsmen to do the same, we could rent a lot to keep them on  and sell from the campers in the warmer months, or drive them to other areas and have our own art shows. If you want in - get a camper and let me know. 

For now I am busy making more 8x8's and getting this thing cutified. I am scraping the undercarriage and using some rustoleum over the rust on the bottom  right now. Booo. & am trying to figure out how to paint it. I am really liking something in turquoise with red or yellow accents like these I found online. I have some paint chips next to my door above that you can see I am testing before getting out a sprayer!
 1955 aljoa. Nice color combo. Vintage Camper

The inside of my trailer has already been gutted (dead mice removed) and thin wood paneling put up. I want to fix some of the paneling that is coming popping out, paint it out again, make some curtains and maybe put up some picture rails to hold artwork. The kids right now are using it for sleepovers while I am working on the outside. I even slept out in it one night with my daughter.  We just popped a couple of mattresses in there now but I am looking into some foldout futon chairs/small couches. You can see the ones I pinned on Pinterest.


Rose Welty said...

This is an awesome idea Nicole! Don't think I'm in a place where I can be a part - but wish you all the best and think it's a fabulous idea.

Joann said...

I'm going to have to pack up the Airstream and come visit you sometime - even though we have the Safari I still want a little cutie that I can redo into a studio/get away.

...The guy down the street has an little oldie and he stripped the paint off down to the metal and polished it - looks awesome!

Joyce said...

Believe it or not I've thought about getting a camper and using it for an art studio. Just thought it was a crazy idea though. You have motivated me to do it! I like the vintage ones. Plus I'll bet I could find one pretty cheap. Part of the fun would be fixing it up :)

Anonymous said...

The 8x8 canopy makes the idea grand.Good job.