Friday, August 31, 2012

Art in the Park

My favorite art event of the year is this weekend: Art in the Park in Keene! The weather seems to be perfect too!

The Sublime Mobile Art Gallery is all ready for the show as well! If you read the article in the Keene Sentinel about mine and Kristina's campers you know it will be at the show. What the article didn't say is that I am just lugging my art in the camper to the show, and my art will be at my tent in the park like usual. For one thing this event would never allow something like this camper. I wouldn't even dream of asking them to let me bring it in. I did want to drive it there however, because everyone is so excited about it. If you want to see it, it will be in the back parking lot where the Colony Mill overflow parking used to be. 

I assured the art association  that I will NOT be selling any art out of the camper and that I would tuck it away in the parking lot not in prime parking spaces after I empty my art out and set up. So if you want to look at it, it will be a bit of a hike. I'm so happy that after some  discussion that I can bring it into the parking lot at all.  :-) It WILL be open completely to the public for Pumpkin Festival, the Fall Folaige Art Studio Tour and the Keene Art Tour, so please come and see it decked out and artified then.  

As you can see it got a new addition! Benches that are also beds when folded flat! I have two of these lovelies but I may only keep one in the camper most of the time. You can see that all of the art is off the walls and packed up for traveling to my booth. :-) I also got the camper legal and moveable! New license plates and registration and a hitch on my car! I still have not tried to move it myself yet. My husband and I are going to hook it up tonight and practice driving it around in the old Kmart parking lot if you need some Friday night laughs. 

I hope I see all of you there! I will have my new square edibles collection in both prints on canvas and some originals as well as my small retro pieces under my tent! I'm very excited to offer these for the first time as a big group to the public! 

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