Friday, August 24, 2012

Camper Update 8/24

More camper updates. I've made curtains to help with the overall color scheme of the camper which will now be green, red, yellow, and white. Its funny - with the addition of the curtains, the camper seems to be working its way to its own theme. I thought I would be doing a "campy" take on the girlscouts but after sampling and trying loads of fabrics on the windows (did you know you can return cut fabric?) I settled on this vintage looking lemon print from Joann Fabrics. I tried loads of woodsey prints and none worked as well as these sweet little curtains. SO what is the new theme? I'm not sure but the lemons work right with my food themed artwork!

The most exciting thing is the little green gallery/studio will be getting a new (old) door!

The other door was not in good condition - it is dented, leaking and missing parts. It looked like someone lost their key at some point too and pried it open. So I had someone come and take a look at what I could do for the door. My friend George Ponzini is a glass artist and can sometimes be talked into doing home repairs/kitchen remodels etc. You must look at his glass art it is amazing!

Well, we decided on getting on old door from Renew Salvage in Brattleboro VT and cut it to fit the frame. I went by myself and picked one. There really was only one that seemed like it would work and George is not coming until the weekend so I hope I am not jinxing this! I need the camper finished by September 1st! So I have no time for 2nd choices!

While I am waiting for the door it is on to the interior. My friend (& previous owner) painted the inside with a light grey/green which as she put it "is great for sleeping" but its kind of dark in the camper during the day sometimes so I need to lighten it up. I am going for a light lemony yellow and will be doing that today.

Also on the list before the 1st:

  • picture rails on the outside
  • carpeting in
  • furniture in (and some needs to be put together)
  • picture hangers/possible shelving in the inside
  • clean up tires

Wish me luck! Its back to school and therefore work next week for me! So I am getting a little nervous!

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Heather said...

I love the curtains! Great fabric choice - cute camper!