Monday, October 15, 2012

Keene Pumpkin Festival

I usually only do art fairs but I am a huge fan of my town's annual Pumpkin Festival, so I signed up to be in the craft area!

We are in the 22nd year of doing Pumpkin Festival here in Keene. It started in 1991 and was a quaint New England festival akin to the zucchini or pickle festival of other towns. The festival grew and grew however and then they started to count how many jack-o-lanterns people brought starting the world record for most lit pumpkins. We held that record for many years - our highest being 29,762 (pretty good considering there are only about 23,000 people who live in Keene!). We no longer hold the world record, several pumpkin fests have tried to beat us and in 2003 Boston beat us with 30,128 pumpkins.

We've been trying to beat that record ever since, coming close, but not hitting it and now there is a new pumpkin layer on the scene. Highwood Illinois is joining us for the second year. We are having a televised duel of it too on HGTV with the Property Brothers. Fun, fun, fun. 

Back to why I am writing all of this though. I will have a tent at this year's fest and I invited other artists to join my space: Krsitina Wentzell, Luann Udell, Linda Dessaint, Chris Salmon, Patsy DiBernardo, & Mary Pellerin. So look for the "Local Art" sign among the caramel corn and maple syrup! 

Just for the festival I took my daughter's advice and made some small things. I have these cute little 1 inch necklaces featuring my work and little (2.5") mini canvas prints on easels. This is just for Pumpkin Festival though so if you want one come on October 20th! 

I have a little landscape I did as well the same size as my little square drawings that I will be selling as prints. I'll let you see that later in the week after I get a good photograph of it. 


Heather said...

Really great! Nicole, it turns out you know an old friend/coworker of mine, Becca. I found out when she posted your work on Facebook. I'm a huge fan and was shocked that she knew you. It turns out the world isn't so small after all. Best wishes with your art! You are so very talented!!!

Kathryn Hansen said...

your daughters advice was those small pieces!!